Saturday, September 20, 2014

A NewTwist on a Classic Kids Jumping Game Hits NY City

This month HopStic (Website: is making its mark in the Big Apple!

We manufacture HopStic, a new twist to a classic game made in the USA from only US materials and labor. Hours of fun and exercise on the playgrounds!  

Brooklyn welcomes HopStic at Acorn Toys located at 323 Atlantic Avenue. 
Their website is

This week HopStic hits New York City at My Little Sunshine toys store in their Chelsea and Tribeca locations.  

Chelsea store- 177 Ninth Avenue

Tribeca. 145 Hudson Street

Their website is

We look forward to many happy new HopStic customers in New York! 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

$1 of each HopStic sold in California goes to the AHA Jump Rope for Heart program in California Feb-May 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 2014- Nyack, New York 

Getting kids to exercise is no easy task.  Yet a Nyack-based small business is hoping to take the lead by “jumping in” with a nationally recognized not-for-profit organization.  Geraldine Tait, CEO of PetitBoo and creator of HopStic™, a US made children’s exercise and jumping game, announced today that PetitBoo / HopStic™ will become a signature sponsor of the American Heart Association’s Jump Rope for Heart Program in 2 schools in California as a beginning of an organic partnership towards kids’ health.  “Our intention is to continue throughout the year raising awareness and bring fun to exercise and heart health.” states Tait.  “This February through May, we will also donate $1 of all HopStic™ sales in California to the Jump Rope For Heart program in California.  Kids deserve a healthy start and daily exercise in a fun format will drive longer-term healthier results for generations to follow.”
About PetitBoo- Founded by Geraldine Tait, a 40-year-old businesswoman and mother of three girls (with two more stepdaughters), PetitBoo believes today’s youth needs to be given the opportunity to enjoy their childhood.  “Children must be permitted to fully live and experience each step of their childhood.  By keeping their brains engaged and their bodies in shape, we as parents can optimize this critical phase of their development,” Tait states.    
Geraldine believes strongly that our task as parents is to help children remain children for as long as they will naturally let us. This should translate through both the games they play and the clothes they wear. 
The name “PetitBoo” closely relates to a favorite French term of endearment for children, “Petit Bout (de Chou)” which means literally “cute little piece of cabbage” or “little cutie.” 
PetitBoo’s first product is HopStic™, a modern version of Chinese Jump Rope, a classic game played by three or more participants with the goal of performing a specific combination of jumping maneuvers.  The game encourages exercise while allowing children to have direct social interaction and fun with their friends.   The name “HopStic™” is a whimsical combination of the words “Hop” and “Elastic”.  
“I started with HopStic™ because I remembered the hours of fun I had as a child in France playing on the playground and in our neighborhood with my friends.  With all the formal play-dates and scheduled activities being set up for them these days I feel kids today are missing out on the freedom and wonder of being a child.”
Press Contact: Geraldine Tait, CEO   81 0-348-2711

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Chinese jump rope made in the US

Kids love to play HopStic!  Our product is made only in the US and is guaranteed to  bring hours of enjoyable exercise to today's children. 

The game is made simple by following sample routines like this one
or it allows creativity to flow and when children make up their own.

Invite HopStic to your next party and replace the party bags with HopStic instead. They'll have fun, exercise and have a blast!  9 colors are available, too.

More information as well as our online store can be found on our website

Wholesale inquiries are welcome.

Monday, November 11, 2013

HopStic Chinese Jump Rope Warmup Routine

Stretch those legs with the warm up routine. Follow the steps then repeat moving the HopStic rope higher for a more skillful routine. The game is simple. The results are endless. Visit for more routines, information, and to order HopStic in your favorite color. 

Here is the routine:

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Competitive advantages

We've perfected the Chinese Jump Rope Elastic Game!

Unless we explain what makes us different, then how would you know?  

Packaging..  No plastic.. No waste
We use 100% US made and grown organic cotton packaging in the form of a reusable pouch. 

Our materials.. Longer, less fraying, continuous, and more comfortable. Not short.. Not toxic!

Our product is longer and flatter allowing for more than 1 player and less stretching and comfort in the legs. The soft braided material is made in the US and contains natural rubber in the elastic.  When it arrives, it smells new, not toxic from chemicals. And you don't have to tie it together either!

We care about kids.  We know what kids want. That's why we did this. It's good for kids.  It's fun for kids. And kids love it!   We know.  We have kids, too!

Just don't tell them they are getting exercise. 

Kids love HopStic!  Chose one from our 9 great colors from our store and see why.